Hoopy Birthday, Hoopinions!

One year ago, I started this blog to chronicle my hooping journey.  What a year it has been!  I’ve gone to many classes, made a lot of friends, and learned a lot.  I even performed!  To celebrate, here are a few of my favorite posts from each month of the year. 

January:  Three Fashion Lessons Learned From Hooping
February:  Trying Out My LED Hoop
March:  Hooping with Mental Illness
April:  Spinspiration Hoop Troupe Debut
May:  May Hoop Jam
June:  Lights and Mirrors
July:  Hoop-a-gami
August:  Fairies
September:  The Wellness Expo
October:  How to Get Cable Ribbon Inside Your Polypro Hoop
November:  A Little Catching Up
December:  Video Extravaganza!

I am actually a bit overwhelmed right now as I write this.  There have been videos, photos, and lots of writing about my hooping adventure this year.  I can’t even begin to thank all my teachers, friends, and supporters enough.  Thank you for joining me on my hooping journey and for continuing to come along for the ride. 

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