Back to the Beginning

Really?  It’s 2015, already?  Where did the time go?

Because Studio Spin’s regular Intermediate Hoop class we cancelled two weeks in a row due to a holiday (eh, it’s just the way the calendar works, right?), I went to the beginner hoop class on Monday, the 29th.  It was fun!

There are two students in the Beginner class, Kim and Casey.  They are two enthusiastic and eager learners, and it’s it was so good to see this in two women starting their hooping journeys.

We worked on sequences again, and both ladies had to show me what they were working on.  It was nice to see what they were working on, and Ryane and I got to show them a little of what we do in Intermediate, too.

I saw in Kim and Casey a lot of what I saw in myself when I started hooping.  You want to learn ALL THE MOVES.  You can’t progress fast enough for your own liking.  It’s a thirst to learn and progress.  My advice to both beginners and all hoopers:  ENJOY THE JOURNEY.  You only get to start this once, and it’s a fantastic ride.  And it only gets better.

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