On The Floor

Ah, back to my regularly scheduled Intermediate Class!  It felt good to get back in the normal schedule of things again.

Yesterday, we worked on planes, like vertical, horizontal, etc…..while hooping and keeping the hoop in that plane.  It’s harder than it looks, sometimes.  To be honest, I have trouble with keeping my hoop focused on the correct plane, so the was excellent practice for me.

We also did a lot of floor work.  I’ve done some of that before, but Ryane showed me a few more tricks and tips that I want to work on.  It was fun to practice balancing and keep that hoop spinning on my hand.  I have terrible balance, but it getting much MUCH better between pole and hooping.

A lot of what we worked on yesterday I can do inside, especially since it’s super-duper cold outside.  I will make doing what we learned in class yesterday a point of practice in my home.

Speaking of practice, Ryane and I talked a little bit about the importance of drilling a move while you are learning.  During the plane practice, we drilled.  Believe it or not, when I am learning a new move that is giving me trouble, I am a driller.  I will do something over and over again, but not too much, as I don’t want to get bad muscle memory.

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