Disjointed.  That’s about all I can how my life is right now.

I did manage to practice a little of what Ryane and I went over in class last week.  And I did a little yoga, too.  Both managed to lift both my physical and mental well-being up a little bit.  Things are rough right now and I need some normal stuff going in my life right now.

First off, I got the sinus bug that we’ve been passing around the office here.  Yuck!  I’ve been to the doctor and am on the mend.  That’s physical side.

The mental?  Frankly speaking, my grandmother is dying.  She does not have much time left.  Sam and I saw her yesterday, and spent a little time with my grandfather and other family members that were there.  I could get a call at any second today saying that she is gone.  This weighs heavy on my heart.

I am going to hoop class tonight.  I need my normal routine.  I need something to take my mind off all of this.  I need to move. 

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