Feeling Antsy

I felt so antsy last night.  I sat down after dinner to watch TV and knit, but I had a lot of pent up energy.  I tried working on another project, but it didn’t hold my attention.  I needed to redirect my attention elsewhere.

Off went the TV.  I grabbed my small orange hoop, turned on a playlist, and started to hoop.  I think I hooped for at least 45 minutes.  I even got out my flow wand, which I really haven’t learned how to use yet, and played around with that for a while.

They whole hour I was active was very satisfying.  I was a whole lot restless and ready for bed, too. 

I get like this a lot, actually, and need to do more about it, meaning I get a lot of pent up, or nervous, energy.  I need to start to learn to redirect that energy in a more active manner.  I need to go for those hoops more!

I’m also learning my limits when I hoop in my teeny living room.  Surprisingly, there’s a lot I can do.

Here’s to getting the ants out of my pants.

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