Heather’s Birthday Hoop

 I went to a birthday party for my friend Heather on Saturday. I had the itch earlier that day to make a hoop, so I did, and gave it to her on her special day.

This was my first time using those special tapes Duck Tape makes, but I didn’t use actual Duck Tape, if that makes sense.  I used a silver one that actually had a paper backing and a glittery pink one.  Duck Tape is still a little unwieldy to use as hoop tape, but I was ok with the results.  It looks cool, and the black spiral of gaffer tape sort of brings it all together.

As soon as I brought the hoop in, it attracted the attention of the two small children in attendance, one being one year old Elijah here.  The other, Noelle, was about to turn two, and had a blast with it.  She was so funny. 

So, Happy Birthday, Heather! 

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