Hooper Valentine Exchange 2015

I participated in the 2015 edition of Hooping.org’s Hooper Valentine Exchange, and got a lovely gift from Juust Jess out in Portland, OR.  Here’s a picture of my lovely goodies.

I love the postcard, and beeswax lip balm is always a plus.  I love it.  The one she gave me is WAY better than the Burt’s Bees stuff.  And I adore the scent of the bath salts.  Cardamon is one of my most favorite things on the planet, and it’s one of the scents crafted into the salts.  Yay!  Thank you Juust Jess!

My Valentine, Samantha in AK, got a pair of bright green fingerless mitts that were finished off with happy orange buttons.  She received them and really liked them!

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