Getting Back into Yoga

Since I have been feeling better, I have started to do some strength training yoga exercises at home.  I have a little routine that I do along with some other yoga exercises that I have done in hoop classes.  This is in a effort to loose a little weight and gain more strength and muscle.  So far with what I’ve done, it feels good.

Here’s the routine I’ve been doing.

I find the hardest one by far for me is the tree pose.  Hence the trees in graphic!  I can hold the pose on each leg for a few seconds, but I start to lose balance.  Every time I do it, I’m getting getter.

I also got a little indoor hooping in this weekend.  So much nervous energy!  Still, I just want to get outside and just go nuts hooping and having fun, exploring space, and dancing.  If only the weather would cooperate.

So, in the meantime, it’s yoga and indoor hooping for me.  At least I can do something, right?

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