Hooping on the Akron Rail-to-Trail

Thanks to Daylight Savings, it was a lovely evening last yesterday.  It wasn’t too cold, and I had cabin fever.  I decided to hoop.  I grabbed one of my heavier hoops and went outside.  I ended up on the rail-to-trail that runs behind my house.  It was the only dry spot I could comfortably hoop.

There were a lot of people and pooches on the trail.  I got some comments, kind ones, and looks from people walking and jogging.  Some kids on bikes even stopped outright to stare.  I don’t care anymore.  I’m used to it!

Sam eventually came down and joined me and we took a selfie together.  I also took attempted to take a selfie hooping. My face is all scrunchy from looking into the sun, but you get the point.

I talked Sam into taking a video of my hooping on the trail.  It’s short, but here it is.  Enjoy!

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