Getting Used to Mondays

I went to Beginner Hoop yesterday, which was officially Ryane’s last day before maternity leave.  She sort of had an open format and let us ask questions and play for most of the time. 

Jenny, since she will be taking over, joined us for class to meet everyone.  She worked with the two ladies that have been coming to normal beginner class who had questions.  Ryane and Jenny also did some hoop-a-gami to show what you can do a hooping partner.  Cool!

I had to keep telling myself that it was actually Monday last week, and not Wednesday.  I will get used to the day switch. 

What I did during class was just go crazy.  I decided I’m going to use my beloved HDPE hoop for the talent show, since it’s heavy enough to chest hoop with for me, and is light enough to toss.  I can also leg hoop decently in it.  It’s ideal.  I even managed to place the hoop on my knees, and lift it off my knees.  YES!

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