Beautiful Past Few Days

The past few days were beautiful, weather-wise, and hoop-wise.  Here’s what I did.

On Friday after my hoop practice, which I got to do outside, I made some hoops.  Deb wanted a new, larger one, so I did that for her.  On Saturday, I let her know that her hoop was ready, and she came over.  It was windy, but we hooped and had fun.  The sun was out, and that made it all right.

Sunday, though, had fantastic weather.  It was gorgeous, and I finally had time to really dig into a hoop routine I’ve been working on.  It felt good to start working the wrinkles out with that. 

Yesterday was class at Studio Spin.  Again, Jenny worked us hard, and the workout was awesome.  Again, a little sore, but it’s a good sore.  Good class!

Today, it’s cloudy and raining here and there.  Boo!  Oh, well.

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