What a weekend!

Me, in my Pop Up Circus gear.
I had a very hoopy weekend!  By the end of Saturday, I was exhausted.  Here’s what I did.
On Friday evening, I helped with the Pop Up Circus in Penn Square in Lancaster.  What a great event!  I was there helping by teaching kids and parents how to hula hoop.  I had a very enthusiastic response, which was great.  In fact, all the performers had an excellent response!  I was a side show, of sorts, you could say.  The main acts were awesome.
On Saturday, which was a gorgeous day, Deb and I trekked up to Kutztown University for the Hoop for Hope event.  Deb and I were the only ones not from the campus there actively participating in hooping, but that that’s ok.  No big deal.  It was change of scenery, a day trip away from the norm, and we got to participate in a good cause.  I donated some tape and hoops for them to raffle and sell.  Deb and I also made hoops from the make-your-own hoop stand for $5.00.  I took both home, and put a better connector and riveted them together.  Much lighter and sturdier.  Great job to the organizers of the event!
Saturday evening came when I got home, and I was tired.  Exhausted.  Wow.  It was good.  What a great hoopy weekend!

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