Happy Baby

It was another beautiful Sunday yesterday, so I texted Deb to see if if she was feeling hooping and wanted to come over, and she did, so she did come over.  She had her six month old son Freddy with her, and he is such a happy baby. 

Freddy was in his stroller while Deb and I hooped, but eventually she spread a sweatshirt on the ground for him to sit up and look around.  That kid played with his bee ring toy, babbled and gurgled to himself, happy as a clam.  Happy baby, indeed!

Deb is really coming along with her hooping.  I know she’ll read this, but I want to tell everyone that she is doing great!  Yesterday, I taught her how to stir the pot, and how to connect it with lasso and the corkscrew.  She has the lift vortex down really well and is starting shimmy the hoop up to her shoulders.  Great job, Deb!!

As for me, I did a lot of just noodling around and practicing what I’ve been taught in class lately.  Oh, and class is tonight, and I’m looking forward to that.  It looks like knee hooping is on the agenda. 

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