Behind on Things

My schedule has been so off balance, that I realized I hadn’t posted anything this week!  It’s just been a little crazy.

First, as for my back pain, it’s actually in my hip.  Next Friday I’m getting a pain management shot in the joint.  It will put me out of commission for the day and probably the next, but the doctor is confident that I’ll be mostly pain-free.

Oh, speaking of the doctor, I told him that I’m a hooper.  I heard him telling the nurses this and they got a kick out of it.  I could even hear one talk about how she could do it as a kid. 

As for Monday’s class, Jenny was very accommodating to me with my hip.  She had me work on stuff that wasn’t on the waist, hips, and legs.  Believe it or not people, there’s a lot you can do without waist hooping. 

Otherwise, I still haven’t been hooping much.  It’s either been raining, or I’ve been busy.  Maybe tonight, if it doesn’t rain.

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