Sweet Pea Project Sister and Brothers Picnic 2015

I had a good time working with the kids and their families at the 2015 Sweet Pea Project Sisters and Brothers Picnic at Lititz Springs Park on June 6.  I also want to thank Amy and Laura for coming out, helping, and for having our own little hoop jam after things slowed down.

I think we had more kids last year that we did this year.  We were in a different spot than we were last year, too, but that’s ok.  I was just glad to get out and help out.

My back/hip held up pretty well.  I didn’t push myself.  I was sore a little bit on Sunday, but I think I should be be ok for taking it easy in class tonight. 

Here are a few photos from Saturday.  Please take note of my hairdo if you haven’t seen it already.

My pompom pigtails

I made a sign!

Big pile o’ hoops



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