Oww, my freakin’ head.

I feel bad I haven’t posted in here all week, but I’ve got a four-day reason.  I’ve had a migraine headache all week.

It started Monday.  I thought I could hoop it off at class, so I really pushed myself.  My hip is finally better that I can exert myself a little more while I hoop.  That part felt great.  My head didn’t thank me, though.

Tuesday night was horrible.  HORRIBLE. I was near tears I hurt so bad.  I finally did get a prescription for my migraine from the doctor about noon.  I took one of the pills in the car leaving the pharmacy.  Sweet reliefe!

Wednesday……I felt like I had a hangover, which is not unusual for migraine sufferers to have after an attack.  My headache slowly crept in, and I took a pill.  That seemed to stop it.

Thursday, the damn headache came back and this time my pill didn’t help.  I called my doctor that evening.  Four days of this was enough.  She agreed.

Today, I saw the nurse in the office for a double-dose of Toradol, a pain medication that is injected.  I got a matching set of injections in each arm.  As I walked out of the office, I started to feel like a human being again. 

So far for the rest of today, I’m doing ok.  I still feel a little weird, but it’s better than I have in days.  That’s good, because I have a lot of hoopiness going on in the next few days.  Keep tuned for next week.

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