Not gone, and still hooping!

Oi, I know my lack of updates is unusual, but I do have good excuses, as usual.  I’ve been incredibly busy.  And now that I have some time, here’s what’s going on.

Still going to class.  Jenny is teaching us choreography moves and sequences.  This is good because I have a few performances coming up!

First, on July 17, if you are in the Ephrata/Lancaster area, I will be performing during Family Fun Night in downtown Ephrata at 6:30pm.  It’s a 50’s themed event.  My outfit is adorable.

Also, I’m getting ready for the Studio Spin Student Recital on Aug. 15, 4pm-6pm.  More information on that later.

My posts may be spotty for the next couple of weeks, but I will be here and checking in.

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