World Hoop Day 2015

I know we are creeping into mid-September, but I want to remind you that October 3, 2015 is World Hoop Day!  All over the world, people will be donating hoops and time to kids all over the world.

There are events happening all over the world, and there are probably some happening in your area.  If there aren’t any, why not start one?  Find out how by hopping on over the World Hoop Day website.

Also, there’s a wonderful hoop dance choreography you can learn here to participate.  Read the page to see how you can submit a video to show off your skills.

For social media savvy types, World Hoop Day can also observed and celebrated on Instagram.  Use the hashtags #WHD2015 and #WorldHoopDay to show off your photos and videos.  You can also follow World Hoop Day’s account on Instagram @worldhoopday.

I really hope you decide to participate.  World Hoop Day is special to me because that’s right about when I started hooping, and that’s been almost two years now.  Why not make it special for yourself and spread it to others?

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