The PA Renaissance Faire

If there are hoops around, I will find them.

Joan and I went to Time Travelers Weekend at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire on Saturday.  We had a great time!

Don’t you just love Joan’s pink wig?
The Fourth and Sixth Doctors!

During our travels around the faire, I came across a lovely vendor called Aeri Rose that had two hula hoops out for playing around with. I had been wondering if there would be hoops around.  And I found some!  Of course, I had to play. Joan did, too.  We both hooped and had fun.  I told the girl there  I would be back.

And I was.

Joan and I did go back, and did hoop again, and this time Joan took some picture of me.

IMG_3315 IMG_3323 (1) IMG_3324 (1) IMG_3325

I did end up purchasing a pair of striped tights and a pair of knee high striped socks from the vendor that had the hoops and kindly let us play.  They will make excellent costume pieces.  It was a hoopy happy time at the Faire.

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