School Spirit Hooping

I recently attended a milestone year (never mind which one) reunion at my college alma mater, Lebanon Valley College, aka LVC.  I had a good time and reconnected with some people I haven’t seen in a very long time.

To get ready for the occasion, I decided to make a collapsible school spirit hoop.  You can see it in the top photo here.  I don’t think I made it correctly as it sometimes falls apart when collapsing it or even hooping with it.  With a little electrical tape, it was useable.

I knew some of my college friends would be bringing their families along, so the hoops worked out for that, too, giving the kids something to run around with.  One little girl here, Lucy, found that she could run through the hoop happily and people would cheer.


Lea, who is 8, was very good at waist hooping.  She and I had fun hooping together, too.

I was glad I brought my hoops.  Well, two of them, but, I got use the LVC School Spirit hoop.  As for more photos, here’s photo Sam and I had done in a photo booth at the alumni festivities, hoop included.


As well, as a selfie that my friend Maureen took of her and m


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