Holy Cow!


Now for more serious talk.

What does a cow have to do with hooping?  Nothing actually, rather than being used in the exclamation “holy cow” to state that it’s I haven’t had a performance to prepare for in a long time.

I realize that my first solo public performance was November 1st of last year.  Remember The Chicken Dance? Lesson learned:  hooping doesn’t quite work in a dirndl.

Oh, next came the Ephrata Talent Show, 50’s Family Night, The Studio Spin student recital, and then the World Hoop Day performances!  Sheesh!  I’ve had a busy year in that respect.

I feel sort of lost without a performance goal right now.  It was something I thrived on.  I love the payoff of a doing a performance, good or bad.

I noticed something the last time I performed, which was at the World Hoop Day show…..I didn’t get nervous.  I just went out there and did my thing!  Maybe I wasn’t because I was with friends or it was a stage that I performed on before, I don’t know.  All I felt was a good feeling or anticipation.

So, holy cow, I was fortunate to get some performance experience!  And I hope to get more.



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