Back Trouble

I know, again, an image that has nothing to do with topic, but it’s getting toward Christmas, so I thought a festive picture would be nice.

I haven’t been hooping for over a week.  In fact, Thanksgiving Day was the last time I hooped.  Why?  The Sunday following Turkey Day, I really messed up my back cleaning up my garden pots……BAD.

I knew I should have asked my husband for help lifting those heavy bags of dirt to the dumpster.  I should have bent better with my knees while bending over to empty the pots into the bags.  It was really my own dumb fault, and I laid myself out physically for a week.  It will take another week or so probably to be back to fully normal.

I did go to the doctor, yes, and a she gave me some prescriptions for the pain and swelling.  I have cut back on the pain medication a lot in the past few days, so that’s a good sign.

As for hooping, I’m going to try class tonight.  Try.  I need to see what my limits are right now.  If waist hooping doesn’t feel good, I’ll see about doing off-body move practice.

I did miss class last week.  I HURT.  I couldn’t walk straight, and was moving very slowly.  It took three days before I could function normally and walk at a normal rate.

Well, here’s to recovery and knowing better next time.


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