Curvy Hoopers Video Challenge 2016 once again hosted the Curvy Hoopers Video Challenge, and I entered again myself this year.  Below is my entry, wish me luck!

Win or lose, I just like making hooping videos.  Really.  Oh, and this is also the first time I’ve allowed comments and thumbs up/down on my YouTube videos.  So far, so good.

Learn more about the Curvy Hoopers Video Challenge here and learn about what it means and hopes to do for curvy hoopers out there.  I think it’s great!

For me, being a curvy hooper means that I quite feel right in my skin.  I’m self-conscious all the time.  I’m getting less self-conscious when I hoop, but it’s been a slow process.  I’m learning not care what other people think of what I’m doing how I look.  That’s what I was trying to convey in the video.

So, no matter who you are, there is only one YOU out there and you are special no matter your size.

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