Best of Hoopinions

I thought it would be fun to link some older posts that many of you may not have seen.  I used to have another hooping blog called Hoopinions that I merged over here about a year ago.

I thought I’d do a Best of Hoopinions post today so newer readers can take a look at some older content and see how I’ve come along, both with hooping and blogging.

Let’s hop in the wayback machine, shall we?

The Best of Hoopinions

The Journey Thus Far:  My very first post on Hoopionions, and it’s the first post here when I merged blogs.

Attack of the Headless Hooper:  Remember The Hooping Game?  I was so into it when it first came out.  Here’s a bad video of me doing one of the challenge songs.  You’ll get the headless part when you watch it.

Spinspiration Hoop Troupe Debut:  My debut outing as a performer!  It was so much fun, that’s why I keep on doing it.

Hoop-tastic Weekend, Part 3:  Why Part 3?  I tell a good story in it.

How to Get Cable Inside Your Polypro Hoop:  It looks cool, but it was a bitch to get that ribbon in the hoop.  It is my hope that this tutorial will save others some misery.

So, there you have it, five of the best Hoopinions posts.  I hope you had as much fun going down memory lane as I did.


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