Stitches out!!!

I FINALLY got my stitches out from my recent removal of a basal cell carcinoma.  Yay!

It feels wonderful not to have constricting paper tape on my arm.  It also feels wonderful to be less itchy from the stitches themselves.

Once the scar has time to heal and toughen up, I hope to get a tattoo over the area. (I can see some of you furrowing your brows in disapproval, but we’ll talk. 🙂 )  I plan on getting the flower above as my selected ink.

It’s a night blooming cereus, and the particular plant above belonged to both  my grandmother and then my mom.

The cereus is a desert plant, basically a blooming cactus, and is generally sort of ugly.  Still, when it gets hot outside, it produces the most gorgeous and fragrant blooms you’ll ever see.  The blooms only last one night, and when the sun comes up, they die.

I want a night blooming cereus tattoo.


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