Hooping at the Rec

Hooping has come closer to home for me!  On Tuesday, the Ephrata Recreation Center in Ephrata, PA started with Jenny Hill a six week session of her “Hoop Yourself Fabulous” class series.  Hooping has come to the Rec!

It was a packed class, too.  In fact, so packed the Rec staff is going to start giving us a larger space to work with.  It’s great to see such enthusiasm for hooping in a new place.

The class also caught the attention of BRC TV Cable 11 News, a local cable station news show, who ran a segment about the class on their night edition of the news later that Tuesday evening.  Here it is!

Jenny also had me model a move to the new hoopers and explain it to them.  That was a big boost for me.

The Ephrata Rec Center is still accepting participants for the class, if you’re interested.  Sign up here.  You’ll have to scroll down to see it.

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