Photo Shoot Fun!

It snowed here on Saturday, the day of my photo shoot with Ava Dae Photography.  I think we got a couple of inches here.  Yuck!  Still, the roads were only wet, really, so I packed up my costume and hoops and headed out to Bucks County for my photo shot with Melissa Charry of Ava Dae Photography.  Simply put, I had a great day.

After I hopped off the PA Turnpike and drove though the winding, yet busy, roads of eastern Pennsylvania, I came to this beautiful old farm house, complete with ponds and chickens.  This is was were the studio the photographer rented was.  It was a gorgeous location.

I got there, and was greeted by Melissa.  We chatted, and she told me what to expect from the shoot, and such, as she set up her equipment.  A few minutes later, Claire Marie, the hair and makeup artist who did the outstanding work above, came and gave me my look for the day’s shoot.

After I put my costume on after hair and makeup, I got on the backdrop and started to hoop while Melissa took photos.  I had two single hoops that make for great photos, my LED hoop for some fun shots, as well as a shiny set of doubles that Jenny gave me.  Overall, I think Melissa said she took over 800 photos!

My overall sum of the experience.  It was wonderful.  I had a great time!  I got to work with two fantastic and professional women who had a lot of experience with this type of photography.  I am so glad I won this photo shoot!

I would like to do another shoot with them in the future, actually.  I have some vintage stuff that would make for some fun photos.  Being a model like this is addicting!

It’s going to take Melissa some time get the photos ready for viewing, and I won’t be posting any until both she and I approve the final ones.  No worries, though, you will be seeing the best of the bunch!

I recommend working with Ava Dae Photography.  I know it’s a drive for many of us here in Lancaster County, but it’s well worth it!

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