I know I haven’t done a honest-to-goodness hooping post here in a while, seriously.  I HAVE been hooping, but due to illness and weather, hooping outside of class has been severely limited.

I had a sinus infection last week, and felt horrible.  Nasty.  I started coming down with it on last Monday, and today, a week later, I still feel a tad run down.  Blech.  I couldn’t go to class last Wednesday because I spent the day home sick.

Saturday, I did get out and hoop for a little bit, in between raindrops.  The grass was went and I was still a bit congested, so I didn’t hoop too long.  Still, I managed to do a little bit, and it felt good to do so.

I have hooped at work, too, on my lunch break, one day last week.  I think it was Monday.  It was nice, both the weather and the hooping.

Seriously, I’m still hooping. 🙂  Class is Wednesday, and I hope the weather improves soon, though the forecast doesn’t look like it.  Grrrr.

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