Double Trouble

Nah, it’s not really trouble, but a challenge, and one I will eventually conquer.

First off, it needs to stop raining, because I have some new stuff I need to practice!

This is why I’m grateful for classes at Studio Spin.  It gives me a chance to actually hoop without the threat of being drenched by the constant and damp that has been plaguing a lot of the East Coast during the past two weeks, and probably a third, too.  We need some sun!

Anyway, back to class.  Jenny taught me some cool isolation techniques with two hoops, and she also taught me the front/back chase weave.  I know the side chase weave, and can do it pretty well.

It took me a long time get the side chase weave down.  It took me a while to get the double corkscrew down.  I will get the front/back chase weave down, too.

I think what’s going to be key for me to getting this is cleaning up my planes in my front while weaving with one hoop front to back.  I can’t quite get the hoop level when weave to the back.  That will come with practice, too.

So, that’s my new hooping challenge, more double “trouble.” 🙂

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