Color Guard Girls and Hooping

Photo by darkhorse93 on flickr featuring the Hermann High School Color Guard

We’ve had a few girls in class who had been in the color guard in their high school marching bands.  One was even a current instructor!

I was in the marching band in high school, and played the trumpet there.  It wasn’t easy for a girl with coordination problems, but I mostly enjoyed six years of marching band through junior high, high school, and one year in college.

Now those color guard girls, and guys, for that matter!  They know how to twirl, toss, and twist.  They know precision and poise.

With those skills, I’ve seen color guard hoopers do some pretty cool off body moves, even after their first few lessons!

For example, we have a new hooper at Studio Spin named Krysten.  She has been hooping two weeks, and is a quick study.  Really quick, and she was in the color guard in her high school’s marching  band.

Lately, Jenny has been working with me on using double hoops.  It’s fun and challenging!  One of the doubles moves she was teaching me was threading the needle.  Krysten saw us working on it and wanted to give a shot.  Jenny have her two hoops.  After a few tries, Krysten was threading the needle with two hoop after never picking up doubles before.  Great job, Krysten!  Go color guard performers!

One of the students at the Rec center was actually an instructor for a local high school and was thinking about incorporating hoops in her guard’s routine.  I think that is awesome.  You can definitely apply the same skills to a hoop as you can with a rifle or flag.

Work it, color guard!

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