Four shiny hula hoops!

4 Random Things Friday

Let’s have some fun and take a break from our usual hooping schedule.  Put down your hula hoops and let’s have some fun with 4 Random Things Friday!

Still, some of them may be hooping-related.  I don’t know.  I haven’t chosen four things yet because they are, well, random.

  1.  How about a pretty photo in the sunshine?  Those of us on the East Coast of the USA miss the sun and are getting quite soggy.A yellow flower with a piece of grass in between the petals. Quite sunny!
  2. Ok, here’s a hooping post.  This IS a hooping blog, anyway.  It’s a past post from the Hoopinions days.  This post boasted a “VIDEO EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!”
  3. Speaking of videos, you need to be following this YouTube channel.  It’s completely unrelated to hooping and it will provide hours of entertainment at the expense of many extremely dangerous things that must be dealt with.  You’ll know what I mean after a few videos.
  4. And, for number 4, I’d like to congratulate my husband Sam on his new promotion at work!  Congratulations, honey! 

Those are 4 random things, right?  Enjoy your weekend!

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