Hooping while concentrating on footwork


Jenny has been working on my footwork while hoopdancing.  It’s been a fun and challenging thing to work on!

She taught me a basic grapevine step, and moved on to a ballet-y almost burlesque-y foot sequence that is very pretty to do. Doing the steps by themselves is fine, but adding the element of hoop dance is a whole other animal.

I decided to put the concept of footwork into practice on Saturday during some of the nice weather we actually got this weekend.  I put on some music, and hooped.  Here’s what I learned:

  • Hoopdance footwork is much easier on wooden floors rather than grass.
  • Hoopdance is also easier while barefoot rather than wearing sneakers.

I videoed part of my practice.  It was exhausting, as you can see I tried to do some hoopdance footwork with a polypro hoop, too, just to see how it would go.

Saturday Hoopdance from Jenn Dixon on Vimeo.

How did I do?  I think I did pretty well concerning the circumstances.

I encourage you to play around with footwork, too.  It’s freeing!  I’m able to move, at least in the studio with a lot more grace and find myself experimenting more with my feet.  It’s a new element of dance for me!

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