Me hooping in Binn's Park

Lunchtime Hooping in Binn’s Park

May has decided to be May, and it is gorgeous outside.  I decided to hoop outside in Binn’s Park in Lancaster, PA over my lunchtime break.  It was a glorious day to do so.  I brought of change of clothes along to work just for the occasion.

I even ventured to take a silly selfie, and I am hooping during this, to document the day.  Then, I put in my earbuds, cranked up one of Spotify playlists and had fun.

As usual, I got a few looks and some smiles.  I mostly kept to myself and kept on doing what I doing.

I even practiced some of the dancing footwork that I’ve been working on.  It felt good to break loose.

I was outside hooping in Binn’s Park for about 20 minutes.  I then packed up and went back inside to cool down and change.  Then, it was back to work.

I think tomorrow is supposed to be nice as well!  And the next day!  I think there’s a little more lunchtime hooping outside at Binn’s Park in my future.

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