Twirling My LED Hoop in a long exposure photo.

Long Exposure LED Hooping Fun

Friday was the beginning of a long weekend, but I was bored out of my gourd that night.  I was tired from sitting around all day in what was an unusually slow day at work, and didn’t want to watch TV.  I needed to get off my butt.

As I searched for something to do, I remembered I got some new batteries for my LED hoop, and I wanted to see if the batteries had a charge.  I grabbed my LED hoop, loaded in the battery, and ta da!, a full charge.  I decided to go outside and play.

A little back story:  I had broke my first LED hoop, and I bought it from ElectricLifeStylz, who will fix your hoop if you bought it from them.  I contacted them, they said they’d fix it, and I sent it back.  Two weeks later, I received a new hoop.  Apparently, the old one was broken beyond repair, so they sent me a new one.  I am ok with that.

The LED’s are different in this new hoop, and I wanted to see what they look like.  Friday was my test run for that.

As the evening grew darker, the colors of the hoop really started to show.  I wanted to take things one step further by seeing how the lights looked during long exposure.

All I had outside with me was my iPhone, but luckily, I have an app called Slow Shutter Cam.  You can take awesome long exposure photos with it with excellent control.  I could delve into the photographic mechanics of it, but that’s more technical, and I want to keep things on hooping here.

Anyway, if you can, download the app and see what you can get!  Here’s are some of the photos that I got.

Aww, heck….here are the settings I used on the  Slow Shutter Can app, in case you want tot use them.  It’s all about sharing, right?

  • Capture Mode:  Light Trail
  • Light Sensitivity:  Full  (play with this one)
  • Shutter Speed:  4 Seconds (worked best for me.)

Under the defaults, make sure you give your self enough of a countdown to get in place.  I have mine set at 10 seconds before the shutter opens.

Let’s get to the photos!

LED Hooping Light Trails. I dropped my hoop here. Turned out cool!Mandala LED Hooping Light TrailsLED Light Trails during LED hoopingPalm spin hooping with LED Light trailsMy favorite! LED Hooping Light Trails doing a full body wrapHooping using the smear move during a long LED exposure.

I had so much fun, I didn’t realize that an hour had slipped by.  My long and boring day took a colorful and fun turn at night.  I packed up and went inside with a smile on my face.


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