Me in the green pants! Photo from!

The Silent Disco Experience

Photo from FlipSidePA! That’s me in the green pants!

(I know, I know….using someone else’s photo……but I didn’t take any myself.  I was to busy dancing!)

Jenny and I went to a silent disco at Tellus360 in Lancaster, PA after hoop class on Wednesday.  I hadn’t been out on a weeknight like this in ages, and it was fun!

Now, what’s a silent disco, you may be asking.  Ahh, and I have answers.

A silent disco is quite an experience.  You don a pair of wireless headphones that have channels built.  There are different DJ’s who are playing on each channel.  You wear the headphones, tune it to the channel you like, and dance to the music!  The whole experience is social, but it saves your hearing, cuts down on noise pollution, and if you don’t like a song, you can change the channel!  FlipSidePA has five great reasons why you should go to one, and they explain a silent disco in more detail, too.

I have to say it’s also been a while since I’ve danced WITHOUT a hoop.  It took a little while to get used to not having a prop, but after a minute, I found my non-hoop flow and was grooving.

I had so much fun at this.  So much fun dancing, my poor back is out of whack.  Oh, well.  It was worth it, and I will totally do this again.

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