big dummy with x's on eyes. Used when I'm a bonehead.

Big Dummy

I am a big dummy.  Besides putting the WRONG DATE on my sister’s baby shower invitations (it’s ok…everything worked out.  Whew!), I seriously  messed up my back, and it wasn’t from hooping.

Apparently, I was a bit too enthusiastic at the silent disco two weeks ago. I said in that post my back hurt a little.  Then, it hurt a little more.  And a little more, until a week after the disco, I was missing hoop class and going to the doctor for help. (She did.  And I got prednisone for the swelling.  Moody-swingy hungry Jenn!)

With it being Tuesday and hoop class coming up again tomorrow, I’m going.  I feel a lot better.  My back still hurts a little bit, but I think getting back into my normal routine is a good thing.  I really haven’t hooped a lot in two weeks, and I’m really itchin’ to do some.

I’ll take it easy tomorrow, don’t worry, but it’s going to be hard not to be enthusiastic about doing something I love.

Lesson from the disco?  I need to know my limits.

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