Scruncy face hooping on the Whalehead Beach in the Outer Banks.

Hooping on the Beach

I was at the beach on Saturday, and took a hoop with me.  There’s something about hooping on the beach, even though your hoop gets sandy.

The above photo was taken last May in the Outer Banks.  I unfortunately did not get photo of me hooping at Ocean City, New Jersey, USA, sadly.

I took the hoop along that’s in the photo, though.  It’s collapsible, and is great for travel. (Yay, Hipster Hoops!)  As soon as I got it out, my 14 year old cousin Hayley wanted to try, and she was pretty good at waist hooping!  My cousin Carl’s daughter, Ariel, had fun playing with it, too.  She’s two.  Obviously, she wasn’t waist hooping, but wanted to try, and we played other hooping games that little kids can enjoy, too.

Luckily, the breeze was pretty gentle, so the hoop didn’t get blown around too much.  Sometimes, especially on the Outer Banks, the wind is just too strong to hoop down on the beach.

That was my hoopy adventure for the weekend!  I know it’s Wednesday (class day!) and soon the new weekend, but I still wanted to regale my adventures from the past week.

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