Hooping with Photographers

What happens you bring a bunch hoops along to a group photographers?  Pretty much what you’d expect; people want to try it!

On Saturday, the photo meetup I belong to had a “Proud to be in America” party for a French family that just received their green cards.  Yay!  Congrats, Benôit, Delphine, and Breànne!

Of course, a picnic is a great excuse to being hoops, which I did.  I packed up a few along with my camera and headed out to Overlook Park in Manheim Township, PA, USA.  There were plenty of great photos, a lot of great conversation, and tons of fun!

The hoops were were a hit.  I got them out and started hooping, and people immediately wanted to try it.  Oh, and once again, I hardly have any photos of myself hooping, obviously because I’m not going to use a DSLR camera while hooping, but some friends DID get some great shot.  Here they are!

Me hooping. Photo by Benôit Barbé.

Photo by Benoît Barbé

The lady in the background is Diane, and she had fun hooping, too.  I actually took this shot of her below.

Diane hooping

Lastly, the photo was taken by Sally, who did a fantastic job organizing the picnic!

Hooping at a picnic. Photo by Sally Crill-Denlinger

Photo by Sally Crill-Denlinger

If you are interested in the other non-hooping photos I took at the picnic, head on over to my photography portfolio and check them out!

Oh, and Benôit is pretty awesome with some flow arts stuff, too.  Check him out using a diablo!

Benôit and his diablo.



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