Two teeny tiny hoops!

Hoop Duet

Not only am I doing a solo act in the upcoming Studio Spin recital, I am doing a hoop duet to the song “Fever” by Peggy Lee with another hoop student, Jen!

Jen has only been hooping for about two months, but she’s quick study and is doing great.  She and her friend Lori joined in for Jenny’s hoop choreography series that was held last month.  We did a group routine to the same song, and it’s really cool!

Hoop Choreography Class Fever! from Jenny Hill on Vimeo.

Jen and I are the only ones from the class that are able to be at the recital, so Jenny modified the routine to be a duet.  We had to change a few things, but it works, and it works well.

So, it will be fun to do a hoop duet at the recital.  Jen, we are going to rock this!



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