Atlantic City Shore in New Jersey, USA on an early morning

Hooping on the Jersey Shore

I LOVE getting up early and going down to a beach when I have the opportunity.  Last week, I did, since I was at annual gathering of friends in Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA.  We had a lovely time, and I took a hoop, of course.

One of those mornings, I made it a point to get down to the beach early to hoop.  I set my alarm for I think 7am.  When that time came, I got dressed, grabbed my hoop, and proceeded to head down to the beach.

I put my earbuds in my iPod for some music (Beck’s version of David Bowie’s “Diamond Dogs” off of the Moulin Rouge soundtrack is great to get you ready to hoop.), and walked through the casino where we were staying.  I got some weird looks and some loud comments from some loud frat boys, but it was nothing I haven’t heard before.  After I had successfully navigated the maze of slot machines, I made it out to the boardwalk and beach.

I think I hooped for about a half hour before I got tired and wind picked up, so I walked down to the ocean and got some pictures, like the one above.  It was a great way to start my day with music, hooping, and the ocean.



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