Eleanor checks out Spinstock

Spinstock 2017

Photo by Maureen Anderson Bentz

Spinstock in Lebanon, PA, was fun!  The event was put together by Re:Create Arts Initiative, a creative reuse center in Lebanon.  They did a great job, and it was lovely event.

I met my good friend from college Maureen there with her daughter Eleanor, who’s up there in the photo at the entrance to the park Spinstock was held in.  My friends Marcus and Bethani also came up to the event from Lancaster, and it was fun to spin with them, too.  I even ran into another college friend, Misty, and her little girl.  Yay!  Connecting with people!

Flow fun!
Eleanor plays with one of Marcus’ poi, and that’s me with the blue hoop. Photo by Maureen Anderson Bentz.

Spinstock was a combination of cool vendors, live music, and fun activities.  Besides hooping, there was a hip hop workshop, a station to make giant bubbles, and, of course, hooping lessons taught by Katie Emmitt.

I will say, this even was definitely geared toward kids, which is fine!  They need to get out and have some fun.  It would be nice to see actual hoopers there and other flow artists.  It would have been awesome to spin with more people, but it is what it is.  The weather was sketchy, so perhaps that’s why more seasoned flow artists didn’t come, at least when I was there.

Speaking of kids, let me tell you about Victoria S.

Leg hooping and eating at the same time!

I saw Victoria up there leg hooping and eating at the same time.  Impressive, I told her!  Really it is.  That’s some coordination.  Victoria then proceeded to come over to us and tell us about her hooping adventures, all her social media stuff, and was just so happy to be talking to adults, I guess.  She is a cool kid!

So, that’s the deal with Spinstock!  I may go back next year.  I like going back to my old college stomping grounds (which was Lebanon, by the way).  It was a fun event!

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