About Jennabee Hoops

BLACK_DSC0421 small

Photo by Ava Dae Photography

Jennabee Hoops is also known as Jenn Dixon, and she’s been hooping since October 2013.  As a performer, Jenn enjoys all things in the hoop.  She has performed with the Spinspiration Hoop Troupe, and has shown her skills in the Student Showcase at Studio Spin, where she attends hooping classes.

If you are in the Lancaster, PA area, keep an eye out on this site for information about monthly hoop jams, hooping events, and other fun things related to the flow arts.

Interested in more information about hooping?  Ask me about it at jenn@jennabeehoops.com!

She has a Youtube channel, too!

Jenn also loves to knit and is an accomplished photographer.



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