Me under a black light with body painting

Flow and Glow

Last Friday night was a fun night.  The Circus School of Lancaster hosted and Open Flow night featuring the DJ duo Noite and body painting by Innovative Skin Body Art (look at this one at home), who did my awesome cyberpunk arms featured in the photo above.

The evening started off with some yoga.  Me, being in a knee brace right now, wasn’t able to do much of it, but it was cool to see people stretch and move under black lights.  Next, came the fire spinners.

Granted, I don’t spin fire, and have little desire to do so, but I sure love watching it!  I especially enjoy the woosh woosh sound of fire poi.  I got some photos of the action.


Neat, huh?

After the fire fun had ended, we all went back inside for music by Noite and some dancing.  What I mean by dancing, is that you signed up and you had the floor for how ever long as you’d like.  People did dancing, poi, acroyoga, and other flow props.  Yes, I did take my LED hoop, and, yes, I did a very chill and stationary hoop dance.  It was fun!

The Circus School of Lancaster is planning on doing events like this the third Friday of every month.  Like them on Facebook to get in on the next flow night and see what other cool events they are having.


Me hooping to "Crystallize" by Lindsey Stirling

“Crystallize” Redux

On the Fourth of July, I did something that I haven’t done in a while:  I got to hoop at the Ephrata Recreation Center!  Wahoo!  I thought I would do something that I have owed you guys for a while:  my redo of my “Crystallize” video.

“Crystallize” by Lindsey Stirling was the first song I did a hoop video to, courtesy of The Hooping Game Facebook group that I had been a part of.  Here’s the first video below.

Now, here’s the the new video:  same song, same Jenn with different hair color, and accidental matching shirt and hoops.

It’s cool seeing how far I’ve come as a hooper.  I’ve grown a lot!  This was a fun comparison to do, and I hope you enjoyed both videos.
Eleanor checks out Spinstock

Spinstock 2017

Photo by Maureen Anderson Bentz

Spinstock in Lebanon, PA, was fun!  The event was put together by Re:Create Arts Initiative, a creative reuse center in Lebanon.  They did a great job, and it was lovely event.

I met my good friend from college Maureen there with her daughter Eleanor, who’s up there in the photo at the entrance to the park Spinstock was held in.  My friends Marcus and Bethani also came up to the event from Lancaster, and it was fun to spin with them, too.  I even ran into another college friend, Misty, and her little girl.  Yay!  Connecting with people!

Flow fun!
Eleanor plays with one of Marcus’ poi, and that’s me with the blue hoop. Photo by Maureen Anderson Bentz.

Spinstock was a combination of cool vendors, live music, and fun activities.  Besides hooping, there was a hip hop workshop, a station to make giant bubbles, and, of course, hooping lessons taught by Katie Emmitt.

I will say, this even was definitely geared toward kids, which is fine!  They need to get out and have some fun.  It would be nice to see actual hoopers there and other flow artists.  It would have been awesome to spin with more people, but it is what it is.  The weather was sketchy, so perhaps that’s why more seasoned flow artists didn’t come, at least when I was there.

Speaking of kids, let me tell you about Victoria S.

Leg hooping and eating at the same time!

I saw Victoria up there leg hooping and eating at the same time.  Impressive, I told her!  Really it is.  That’s some coordination.  Victoria then proceeded to come over to us and tell us about her hooping adventures, all her social media stuff, and was just so happy to be talking to adults, I guess.  She is a cool kid!

So, that’s the deal with Spinstock!  I may go back next year.  I like going back to my old college stomping grounds (which was Lebanon, by the way).  It was a fun event!

Back in the Studio

Photo by Michelle Johnsen Photography. Used with permission.

Yup, I’m back in the studio….Studio Spin, that is!  The above photo was taken by Michelle Johnsen Photography at the Open Streets event from last month.  I just happened to be at Studio Spin’s table when this was taken.  It’s also the first photo taken of me hooping in quite a while, since usually I’m the one taking pictures. 🙂

I am currently taking a Hoop Choreography series taught by Krystal Honey, and it’s fun!  There are quite a few of us in the class, and Krystal is teaching us a routine to “Me Too” by Meghan Trainor.   It’s a good routine that beginners can pick up and learn from, and it benefits and stitches together moves that more advanced hoopers can learn and use from, too.

It feels SO GOOD to be back in at Studio Spin.  I hadn’t realized how much I missed going there.

Oh, and this year’s Studio Spin Student Recital has a theme…..the 1980’s!  I already have my song and theme picked out.  I’m not telling you what it is yet.  I’m super excited about it!

That’s my hoopy news for now.  Keep tuned for more about my routine and the recital.  Oh, and don’t forget that THIS SATURDAY is Spinstock in Lebanon, PA!!


Open Streets Lancaster, PA 2017

Open Streets Lancaster 2017

Water Street was transformed in Lancaster, PA, on Sunday, May 21, 2017.  It was Open Streets Lancaster!  There was food, music, and plenty of local businesses sharing activities and information about their services.  Most of the organizations and businesses there featured activities that got people active and moving.

First, The Circus School of Lancaster was there.  They had hoops, acro-yoga, and Krystal Younglove the stilt walker.   She’s the one above there in the top photo.

I hung out with the the circus school members for a little while and hooped.  People seemed very receptive to their concept, which is awesome!

Acro yoga

As for music, Nick DiSanto was nearby, playing his one man band apparatus and providing a lot of joy.  He was also fun to hoop to as he played.

Nick DiSanto

I moved along Water Street looking for something to drink, and hear DJ Freez playing some great tune for some break dancers, BUT…. I found Rachel from Studio Spin and her station.  I hooped with them for a bit, too.  She had poles set up and another studio member was there introducing people to pole and POUND.

Rachel talking to a member of the press.
Photo by April Elizabeth Photography (used with permission)

Overall, Open Streets Lancaster is a fun way for people to get out, get to know their neighbors, and learn about activities and businesses available in the area.  Go next year!

Rusty Gears in a Junkyard. Photo by Jenn Dixon.

Time to Brush Off the Rust

I haven’t been hooping much lately, but as the weather was nice yesterday, I got out over my lunch hour and hooped a little bit.  It felt great.

I am rusty, and it’s time to brush off the rust and get moving again.  With that being said, there are a few opportunities coming up that I plan on taking advantage of.

One of the reasons I haven’t been hooping much is that there hasn’t been any classes I could attend lately.  Ah!  Studio Spin is going to be having a hoop choreography series starting next Wednesday, May 24, 2017. I am going to be there.  It’s a five week class, and it day and time works out great for me.  Why not learn more and sign up?

Secondly, Open Streets Lancaster is going to be happening on May 21 and 22.  I might be going to Sunday, as the Circus School of Lancaster will be there.  I’ll be in the city anyway that day, so I might take some hoops and have some fun.

So, that’s what’s happening in the hoop world in Lancaster County, PA, USA.

Social Circus Day 2016

The Circus Needs YOU!

The Circus School of Lancaster just launched their Indiegogo campaign, and the circus needs YOU.  Your help, that is.  A small donation will go a long way in helping getting this great project off the ground.

Oh, and they made the Lancaster newspaper today, too.  You can read and learn more about this school and its founders online.

Pass this along to your friends and family, especially those into flow arts.  We need to support each other!


2nd Annual Lancaster Social Circus Day

Yup!  It’s happening again!  The 2nd Annual Lancaster Social Circus Day is being held April 21, 2017, 5pm-8pm in the Art Garden across from the Pennsylvania Academy of Art and Design on Prince Street in Lancaster, PA.  Lots of spaces, and the weather looks like it will be decent.  Learn more and let the organizers know you are coming on Facebook.

What is the social circus?  It’s a time to for YOU, the community, to learn about circus arts and activities, such as learning to hoop, how to juggle, and perhaps discover acro-yoga.  There are more fun things to do, so bring your kids and get out of your chair.

The circus is being held by The Circus School of Lancaster, a group of flow arts and circus arts professionals who will be sharing their talents with the community through events like this and eventually classes.  I encourage you to check them out on Facebook.

This is a great time to learn something new and have fun outside!  See you there!


I know, it’s been a while since I last posted in here.  The truth is, a lot of different factors have gone into the fact that I haven’t been able to hoop very much, and it’s been a tad burdensome to write here when I don’t have the readership I had hoped for.  I’m frustrated, that is all.

I appreciate those of you who do read my posts!  Don’t get me wrong!

First, I just haven’t been able to hoop much.  Either the assembly room at the Rec is being used already or I have too much to do around the house, so I haven’t been able to hoop inside.  At least the weather is started to look up around here, so perhaps I can hoop outside shortly.  It’s not that haven’t wanted to hoop.

Second, sometimes it seems like I’m writing here to emptiness.  I know there are a few of your out there who do read my stuff.  I thank you!  Still, there isn’t much demand out there for a hooping blog.  I’ve got some stiff competition otherwise out there, and it’s hard to get noticed.

So, if you would, if you happen to read this post, would you please share the my blog URL,, out there on social media to relevant parties?  I’ll love you forever.

And, if you are reading this and have a Disqus or WordPress account, follow me?  Leave a comment? Something to let me know there are other living beings out there who know this exists.

Thank you.

I’ll stop whining now.  If I know other people out there know I’m writing and excited about hooping, I’ll be less frustrated.

Sputnik wanting to play in the snow.

Clearing Space

We just had a huge nor’easter here on the East Coast.  I’d say we got a foot in some places around where I live.  All I know, I’m sore from shoveling yesterday.  Sputnik up there had a great time playing in the first big snow he’s seen.  He loves it!

I haven’t been hooping much, truthfully.  I haven’t had the chance or space to do so.  Still, this past weekend, Sam and I cleared out a lot of our basement.  There is more space for me to hoop down there now.  I actually did get a hoop out and twirl around the open space for a little bit.  The only drawback is that the ceiling is low.  Oh well, no lasso and tosses for right now.

Well, here’s to spring being right around the corner, and with it, the hope of warmer weather.  It just has to hurry up and get here.