Losing Weight, Getting Back in Shape

I came to a sad realization two weeks ago.  I had to go up a size in pants.  I was gaining weight.

I decided then to take some action.  A few things landed in my lap that have helped me drop five pounds since I decided to shape up on April 1.  No joke. 

First, Hooping.org’s 30/30 started on April 1st.  I am taking part in it.  What you do take a pledge and hoop for 30 minutes a day for 30 days.  It’s not too late to start, if you want to join in.  So, I have some exercise taken care of.

Second, I decided to track what I eat through MyFitnessPal.  You can set up a weight goal within a certain amount of time, and the site, or app for your smartphone, will tell you how many calories you can consume to get to that weight.  It’s made me be a lot more careful about what I eat.  You can also track your exercise, and add goals for that, too.  It’s a good tool.

Third, Jenny started her classes at Studio Spin yesterday.  She kicked out butts.  I am sore.  I more workouts like that.  This circles back to my first point, really.  I’m getting in to better shape by participating in very physically active hooping class.

Speaking of class, Jenny really worked Cindy and I hard.  Lots of good fitness, lots of good music, and lots of drilling practice.  The main focus of the class was on transitions, something I know I can use work with.  It was fun and the hour flew by!

As for my pants, my current size ones are fitting much better after a little over a week.  Yay, me!