World Hoop Day 2015

I know we are creeping into mid-September, but I want to remind you that October 3, 2015 is World Hoop Day!  All over the world, people will be donating hoops and time to kids all over the world.

There are events happening all over the world, and there are probably some happening in your area.  If there aren’t any, why not start one?  Find out how by hopping on over the World Hoop Day website.

Also, there’s a wonderful hoop dance choreography you can learn here to participate.  Read the page to see how you can submit a video to show off your skills.

For social media savvy types, World Hoop Day can also observed and celebrated on Instagram.  Use the hashtags #WHD2015 and #WorldHoopDay to show off your photos and videos.  You can also follow World Hoop Day’s account on Instagram @worldhoopday.

I really hope you decide to participate.  World Hoop Day is special to me because that’s right about when I started hooping, and that’s been almost two years now.  Why not make it special for yourself and spread it to others?

Faerie FanFaire Festival in Stonehenge Gardens in Tamaqua, PA

It started out with a frantic call on Facebook.  A fellow hooper wasn’t able to be a the Faerie FanFaire Festival in Tamaqua, PA on Saturday, August 22, 2015….would someone be able to go for her?  Luckily, I had nothing going on Saturday, so I was able to fill in for my friend Cheryl at this event.

I had a wonderful time!  I met some great people and made new friends, such as Kelley from MirrorIrorriM.  (Go look at her wonderful crocheted creations!)  And, I want to thank all of you who stopped by, hooped with me, took my business card, and bought merchandise from me.

I didn’t get many, but here are a few photos from the day.

IMG_0043 IMG_0046 IMG_0047Thank you all for a lovely day!  It was gorgeous, weather-wise, and it was great to be a part of this wonderful event.

Studio Spin’s Instructor Showcase and Student Recital

On Saturday, August 15, I had the pleasure of performing a hoop dance routine to a great audience at Studio Spin in Lancaster, PA.  Studio Spin in an alternative fitness studio where they focus on pole dance, but also offer classes in belly dance, fitness, and of course, hoop.  The students and instructors performed with enthusiasm and professionalism.  It was a great show to be a part of.

I performed with my LED hoop to the song “Lights” by Ellie Goulding.  Below is a practice take of my performance, as I don’t have video of the actual one yet.

Here are some photos from the evening.  Please, enjoy!

Me performing Photo by Jenny Hill
Another one of me performing Photo by Jenny Hill
recital 1
My cool costume! It’s amazing what you can do with old clothes and sharp scissors.
recital 2
Me with Jenny Hill, the hoop instructor at Studio Spin (And my friend!)
All the performers

Fifties Family Fun Night

The Ephrata Area Merchants Association‘s Fifties Family Fun Night was, well, fun!  There was a lot going on, tons of people, and many activities.

I want to congratulate the winners of the adult and kids hula hoop contests!  Everyone who came up and gave hooping a shot was great.

I do want to thank the Ephrata Area Merchants Association for having me there.  It was great getting exposure and for having me perform.

Thank you as well to Uncle Funky’s Thrift Shop in downtown Ephrata for helping me put together my outfit, and for Michelle at Details Hair Design in Ephrata for giving me a spiffy ’50’s updo.

I also want to thank my husband, Sam, for manning the hoop table and taking my picture.  Thanks, honey!


Ephrata Merchants Association Family Fun Night: 1950’s Theme

I am looking forward the Ephrata Merchants Association‘s Family Fun Night on July 17, 5:30pm-7:30pm.  Come on out for a swingin’ 50’s themed event!!  I will be performing at 6:30pm, and that will be followed by a hula hooping contest for both kids and adults.  Oh, and I’ll have a table with hooping information and hoops to buy as well.  (If you want a hoop now to practice for the contest, look here.)

I want to thank Uncle Funky’s Thrift Shop in Ephrata, PA for helping me put together my costume.  It’s a great place to shop if you ever get a chance to go!

2015 Return to Roots Gathering

I’m not performing, but I will be attending one of the days!

Return to Roots Poster

Sweet Pea Project Picnic Wrap-Up

The turn out for the Sweet Pea Project Sisters and Brothers Picnic was great!  A lot of kids and their parents came by to hoop.  I showed up in crazy socks and pompoms in my hair.  I don’t have pictures of the socks, but I do the pigtail pompoms, though.

Jenn's Pom Pom PigtailsI also want to thanks Amy and Laura for coming out and helping out.  After the everyone at the picnic settled down to eat, the hooping area really slowed down, so we got to have our own little hoop jam.

Here are few more photos of some of the going’s on.

I made a sign!
Pile of Hoops
Pile of hoops!

’50’s Theme Night

I’ll be at this wonderful event sponsored by the Ephrata Merchants Association.


Save the Date Friday July 17th for the Ephrata Family Fun Night with Grease movie and sing-a-long and 50’s Theme Tickets for the Movie are $5! More details coming soon!

Posted by Ephrata Merchants Association on Thursday, June 4, 2015

Reminder: Ephrata Talent Show

10648699_10204685830459357_6656829179941526859_oJust as a reminder that the Ephrata Area Talent Show is coming up on May 17, 2015.  I’m very excited!  See the above graphic for details.  Leave me a comment if you have any other questions about the show.

Drill, Baby, Drill

Class on Monday was great!  The one thing about that class that stuck out in my mind that I have since really incorporated into my own practice is circus drills.

Circus drills are basically working the hoop from the top to the bottom of your body.  Jenny showed us to start of in different variations of lasso, neck hooping, chest hooping, rib cage hooping, and and then on down to the waist, hips, and knees.  Once you are finished, do it again in your opposite current.  Do each set for thirty seconds, or as long as you can, in your non-dominant current.

Since I’ve been working those drills into my workout, my hooping posture has gotten a little better, and really pay attention to my form checking my reflection in the patio door as a practice outside.  It’s the closest thing I have to a mirror I can practice in front of at home. 

I also drill a lot of stuff, over and over again.  I was also drilling mandalas, tossing the hoop over the back of my hand, and variations on shoulder hooping.  Drills work!  I can see improvements.

Other stuff in class?  More transitions, knee hooping, and helicopter!  I’ve started to incorporate helicopter with dance moves in my practice, too.

Speaking of being outside at home, I often notice people on the rail-to-trail outside my home glancing over and perhaps even watching me as I practice.  Two women were walking the trail yesterday, and one yelled out to me, “Hey, you’re pretty good at that!”  I thanked her.  It was nice to get a little compliment from a stranger.  After a few more exchanges, of “I couldn’t never do that,” and “You make that looks easy,” I thanked them again and they went on their way. Nice!