So, I went for it.

Yup!  I submitted my entry for Hooping Idol 4 this morning.  I went for it.  Thank you to all who gave me encouragement!

Interested in seeing my video? It’s not spectacular, but they aren’t bad, either.  Sort of fun!

For YouTube-rs, here’s the video for you.

For those who prefer Vimeo, here it is for you.

Hooping Idol 4 Audition Video from Jenn Dixon on Vimeo.

Wish me luck!

Hooping Idol 4: Should I Do It? is hosting Hooping Idol 4, and I’m thinking about submitting an audition video.

I already have some YouTube videos of myself up, so why not?  If I my audition is picked to compete, yay! If not, then I took up the courage to put myself out there and get more exposure. 

So, should I audition to be in Hooping Idol 4?

In my opinion, I think I shall.