Return to Roots Fun

I was at Return to Roots in Medford, New Jersey this past Saturday.  Wow!  What a great time!  I need to do the whole weekend there next year.  Seriously.

I was there mostly on business, but I did take a workshop, which was the Hoop Choreography workshop taught by the wonderful Amy Rogers.  See the video I took of what we did below.

Otherwise, wandered the grounds with Sam, took photos, talked to people, and observed what people were doing.  Strangely, I didn’t do much hooping, since it was so stinkin’ hot out, and it’s hard to hoop with a camera on your neck.

Here’s a link to what photos I do have up.  There are a lots more to come!

Hooping on the Hood

Mount Hood and Trillium Lake

Mount Hood, that is.

I was in Oregon this past week, and I did do a little hooping outside in the cabin we were staying in.  It was a gorgeous spot, and I can’t wait to show more photos and video I took, and not just hooping stuff, too, but everything.

Oregon is beautiful.  I loved it there.  I liked hooping there.  I had fun.

My obligatory selfie with Mount Hood.

Otherwise, I had a very hooping weekend upon my return!  First, I had my Fifties Family Fun Night performance in Ephrata, PA on the 17th.  I was off the plane less than 24 hours and I’m hooping in front of a large group of people.  Really, it did go well!  Pop on over to Jennabee Hoops, my performance site, to see some photos and read up on that went, too.

On Saturday, Jenny asked me to join her at Musser Park in Lancaster, PA for the East Side Sunday Market, where it was Kids Day.  We set up hoops and kids came over and played with us.  There even was a funeral for a popped balloon dog named Bart.  He was blue. He came to his end on a hoop.  I guess you had to be there.

To get kids to come over and be curious about the hoops, Jenny and I not just constructed a hoop house, but rather a hoop skyscraper!  See below.

It was a very hoopy weekend, and I’m glad to get back into the hoopy swing of things tonight with class. 

Not gone, and still hooping!

Oi, I know my lack of updates is unusual, but I do have good excuses, as usual.  I’ve been incredibly busy.  And now that I have some time, here’s what’s going on.

Still going to class.  Jenny is teaching us choreography moves and sequences.  This is good because I have a few performances coming up!

First, on July 17, if you are in the Ephrata/Lancaster area, I will be performing during Family Fun Night in downtown Ephrata at 6:30pm.  It’s a 50’s themed event.  My outfit is adorable.

Also, I’m getting ready for the Studio Spin Student Recital on Aug. 15, 4pm-6pm.  More information on that later.

My posts may be spotty for the next couple of weeks, but I will be here and checking in.

Oww, my freakin’ head.

I feel bad I haven’t posted in here all week, but I’ve got a four-day reason.  I’ve had a migraine headache all week.

It started Monday.  I thought I could hoop it off at class, so I really pushed myself.  My hip is finally better that I can exert myself a little more while I hoop.  That part felt great.  My head didn’t thank me, though.

Tuesday night was horrible.  HORRIBLE. I was near tears I hurt so bad.  I finally did get a prescription for my migraine from the doctor about noon.  I took one of the pills in the car leaving the pharmacy.  Sweet reliefe!

Wednesday……I felt like I had a hangover, which is not unusual for migraine sufferers to have after an attack.  My headache slowly crept in, and I took a pill.  That seemed to stop it.

Thursday, the damn headache came back and this time my pill didn’t help.  I called my doctor that evening.  Four days of this was enough.  She agreed.

Today, I saw the nurse in the office for a double-dose of Toradol, a pain medication that is injected.  I got a matching set of injections in each arm.  As I walked out of the office, I started to feel like a human being again. 

So far for the rest of today, I’m doing ok.  I still feel a little weird, but it’s better than I have in days.  That’s good, because I have a lot of hoopiness going on in the next few days.  Keep tuned for next week.

Life After The Shot

As I lay on the table after my pain management shot procedure had finished (it took less them five minutes), my doctor said to me, “No hula hooping for four days.”  Ah, crap, but it was probably for the best.

Frankly, I was really sore for a few days afterwards.  I felt ok, just sore in the injection site. And I had to miss class on Monday, since it was the last of my four days.

Ah, I did hoop last night after dinner.  It was wonderful.  Glorious.  It felt so good to get back to doing what I love.  I tried to not overdo the hooping to the point of going back to square one with the hip problem, but I did hurt a little after I was done.  I will probably need a second shot, and that’s what the doctor told me, anyway.

I’m slowing working hooping back into my life.  It’s about time.

Sweet Pea Project Sister and Brothers Picnic 2015

I had a good time working with the kids and their families at the 2015 Sweet Pea Project Sisters and Brothers Picnic at Lititz Springs Park on June 6.  I also want to thank Amy and Laura for coming out, helping, and for having our own little hoop jam after things slowed down.

I think we had more kids last year that we did this year.  We were in a different spot than we were last year, too, but that’s ok.  I was just glad to get out and help out.

My back/hip held up pretty well.  I didn’t push myself.  I was sore a little bit on Sunday, but I think I should be be ok for taking it easy in class tonight. 

Here are a few photos from Saturday.  Please take note of my hairdo if you haven’t seen it already.

My pompom pigtails

I made a sign!

Big pile o’ hoops



Behind on Things

My schedule has been so off balance, that I realized I hadn’t posted anything this week!  It’s just been a little crazy.

First, as for my back pain, it’s actually in my hip.  Next Friday I’m getting a pain management shot in the joint.  It will put me out of commission for the day and probably the next, but the doctor is confident that I’ll be mostly pain-free.

Oh, speaking of the doctor, I told him that I’m a hooper.  I heard him telling the nurses this and they got a kick out of it.  I could even hear one talk about how she could do it as a kid. 

As for Monday’s class, Jenny was very accommodating to me with my hip.  She had me work on stuff that wasn’t on the waist, hips, and legs.  Believe it or not people, there’s a lot you can do without waist hooping. 

Otherwise, I still haven’t been hooping much.  It’s either been raining, or I’ve been busy.  Maybe tonight, if it doesn’t rain.


I have always loved Thomas Dolby’s quirky hit, “She Blinded Me With Science,” so I decided to do a quirky hooping using that song.  It’s probably the best hooping video I’ve done so far.

I made this in the Outer Banks BEFORE I messed up my back. 

As for my back, I am feeling a little bit better, but I am going to pain management next week to see what can be done.

Here’s the video!


I haven’t been able to hoop much due to physical constraints lately.  My back has really been bothering me for the past week.  I did go to the doctor and she gave me some meds, a shot in the hip for pain, and referred me to a pain management doctor.  Fun times.

I have been going easy on the hooping for the past week.  I have gotten out a few times and did off body moves and avoided waist hooping.  The times I have waist hoop have been done with a light polypro hoop. 

Deb did come over for a little bit, and we noodled around with our hoops.  It was nice to get outside and hoop. 

So, I’ll have to take things easy for a few weeks while I get my pain sorted out.  I’m pretty sure hooping didn’t cause my pain.  I’m not sure what triggered it.  Anything could have triggered, truthfully.  In the meantime, I’m going to be resting.


Luminancer is a photo/video editor app that produces some pretty trippy effects. like light trails, vortexes, and such.  It’s available for both iPhone and Android. I was playing with it on my iPod down in the Outer Banks last week.

I did a few experiments with Luminancer, and found that you have to be really stinkin’ close to the camera to get any good effects.  Here’s the best video I put together using my LED hoop.