Easter Hoopiness

I hope you all had a great Easter!  I did.  I took hoops to my aunt’s house for my family to play around with.  We had a great time in between eating and the egg hunts.  I even got my cousin’s little girl one as an Easter gift. 

My Aunt Ellen took some photos of the hooping fun, and here are two of my favorites.

Here, Traci, my cousin’s daughter, me, and my Aunt Suzy (Traci’s grandma) hoop out in the front yard.  As soon as I gave Traci that hoop, she had to go out and give it a shot.  After she got a little frustrated with trying to waist hoop, we played hoop-scotch.

After the egg hunt it the backyard, there was more hooping!  Here I am with my niece, Allie, who is 20 months old.  She was fascinated with the hoops.  She’d plop right down in side the middle of one, and run through them if you held on up.  Uncle Andy here, also tried waist hooping, and we was pretty good!

Hooping with the family was fun.  Though it was windy, we still enjoyed hooping, the company, and the fresh air. 

Getting Used to Mondays

I went to Beginner Hoop yesterday, which was officially Ryane’s last day before maternity leave.  She sort of had an open format and let us ask questions and play for most of the time. 

Jenny, since she will be taking over, joined us for class to meet everyone.  She worked with the two ladies that have been coming to normal beginner class who had questions.  Ryane and Jenny also did some hoop-a-gami to show what you can do a hooping partner.  Cool!

I had to keep telling myself that it was actually Monday last week, and not Wednesday.  I will get used to the day switch. 

What I did during class was just go crazy.  I decided I’m going to use my beloved HDPE hoop for the talent show, since it’s heavy enough to chest hoop with for me, and is light enough to toss.  I can also leg hoop decently in it.  It’s ideal.  I even managed to place the hoop on my knees, and lift it off my knees.  YES!

Sunday Hooping

Deb recently starting hooping again, now that her baby Freddy is at a point now were he’s six months old, adorable, and sleeps if he’s comfortable.  She brought him over Sunday, along with her hoops, for a visit. 

Deb and I went out back at my house in the yard while the baby and Sam were inside.  Freddy was quite comfy his car seat, slept, or entertained himself with the toy dangling from his car seat handle.  Quite a content baby.

Back to the hooping.  Deb had only started waist hooping again after she had gotten pregnant, so it’s been a while.  She was quite happy to do so!  I was teaching her a few tricks, and we noodled around for a while.  It felt good to have a friend to hoop with at home.  It’s not something I have often. 

Soon, we were too cold and had to go back in to see if Sam and Freddy were ok.  They were.

Deb accidentally left her hoops at my house, so she has to come over this week and get them.  Perhaps we can hoop together again before she leaves.

Good Luck, Ryane!

Ryane is going be taking her maternity leave at Studio Spin starting in April, so Wednesday was our last Intermediate class with her in a while.  Beginner Hoop is still on for next Monday, and starting April 6, Jenny Hill will be teaching a Mixed Level Hoop Class starting at 8:15PM at Studio Spin.

We are going to miss Ryane while she is out taking care of her little one, and she hopes to back teaching in the summer.  In the meantime, we are looking forward to Jenny coming in and teaching. 

Best of luck, Ryane! 

New Position at Hooping.org

I’m not sure if I posted this here or not, but I am now a photo editor over at Hooping.org!  It’s a position I’m really enjoying.  Besides some of the articles I’ve written, here’s a link to some of the photos I’ve done write-ups for, too.

If you have a photo that you’d think we’d like, click here to be taken to the submission form, and we’ll take a look at it.

On another note, I did a quick practice video on Sunday.  You can look at it here, if you’d like.

Feeling Better

I made it through class yesterday with minimal pain!  The focus last night was shoulder and chest hooping, something that I can always use work on.  Ryane was aware of my shot, and let me work at my own pace.

What I did was do the technique briefly, and then rest for a minute, rather than to drill the moves over and over again without pause.  Taking things slow did work, because I feel pretty good today.

You are probably thinking, no!  You shouldn’t be doing this after a cortisone shot!  Ah, but my doctor wants me to use the arm and be active.  You see, if you don’t use the arm, the medicine doesn’t worked into the joint and it has a chance to crystallize, which is extremely painful.  Still, if it hurt, I didn’t do it and will continue to follow that path until my pain goes away completely, probably in about two weeks or so.

Ow, not again!

The tendonitis in my shoulder came back.  It had been nine months since my last cortisone injection for it last time, so I was due.  I didn’t wast any time.  I got another shot on Monday night.

Needless to say,  haven’t been hooping much in the last few days, but I am going to try class tonight, and I won’t push myself.  As of yet, I’m not super sore from the injection, as I iced the injection site a lot yesterday. 

That shoulder tendonitis really gets in the way of hooping, so I like to take care of it quickly, and I’m glad my doctor is letting me stay active while the shot takes effect.  In fact, she doesn’t want me to baby the arm.  I need to work the medicine in the best I can by moving.

Well, here’s to getting better!

Mirror Play

After a good lesson leg hooping Wednesday, Ryane gave us some time to free hoop and play.  Later during that time, I got the crazy idea of playing around with a video using my reflection in the mirrors.  It didn’t turn out quite the way I had expected, as things like this that happen on the fly usually do, but here it is.

It was quite lovely to have all that time to free hoop, really.  Everyone has cabin fever and we all want to play.  I will say that in this video I was a bit tired and was using a heavier hoop.  I seem to be gravitating towards heavier one right now, just to throw in a little variety here in there.  It’s actually a great hoop for leg hooping, the one I’m using the video.

Have a hoop-tastic weekend, everyone!

Hooping on the Akron Rail-to-Trail

Thanks to Daylight Savings, it was a lovely evening last yesterday.  It wasn’t too cold, and I had cabin fever.  I decided to hoop.  I grabbed one of my heavier hoops and went outside.  I ended up on the rail-to-trail that runs behind my house.  It was the only dry spot I could comfortably hoop.

There were a lot of people and pooches on the trail.  I got some comments, kind ones, and looks from people walking and jogging.  Some kids on bikes even stopped outright to stare.  I don’t care anymore.  I’m used to it!

Sam eventually came down and joined me and we took a selfie together.  I also took attempted to take a selfie hooping. My face is all scrunchy from looking into the sun, but you get the point.

I talked Sam into taking a video of my hooping on the trail.  It’s short, but here it is.  Enjoy!

Stupid Snowstorm

A snowstorm that blasted the East Coast.  Hooping got cancelled in Wednesday.  Boo!  I do understand wanting to keep everyone safe, so I can’t complain too much.

I did try to hoop inside.  While attempting to practice anti-spin, I hit the ceiling in my place with my hoop, leaving blue marks from my grip tape on it.  Ugh.  Time to grab a step stool and a sponge.

The weather is supposed to get better next week.  Good!  I’m going stir-crazy.

Otherwise, I have been doing my little yoga routines pretty consistently.  They feel good.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.  May the snow all melt.