Charting Moves and Being Random

Ryane has taken to writing out moves with diagrams for ones we learn in class.  I like that.  A LOT! 

It’s something I can study and follow as I practice.  I like having things written down like that.  It’s easier for me to remember and recall as I go along.

And on a more random note….

And here’s a picture of me in front of a deer feeder from August 2014.  I just felt like posting a photo.  The hoop is spinning on the hand away from the camera, so it look like it’s levitating. 

Hooping to The Dead Deads

Back in November, Sam and I went to a concert to see Halestorm, and the first band that opened for them was an all girl rock group called The Dead Deads.  They were awesome!  I bought their CD at their merch table.

What does this have to do with hooping?  Well, I decided to have some LED fun to one of their songs, “The Glow.”  I even posted a link to my video on The Dead Dead’s Facebook page, and they liked it!

The video is below.  Watch it, and go listen to The Dead Deads.

Learning a Vexxing Move

The double corkscrew is one of those moves that has pestered me ever since I started to work with doubles about a year ago.  Luckily, with a patient lesson from Jenny and a lot practice and repetition, I think I may have got it.

I posted this video for Jenny to critique, and she said I have the basics, but need need more room to get my planes down better.  I completely agree.  My planes always need work, anyway.

So, here’s a short and somewhat blurry of me doing the double corkscrew with my bright yellow doubles.


To start off, I can’t report to you what happened in class on Wednesday, because there was a lot of snow and ice on the ground, and Ryane cancelled, and that was a decision I wholeheartedly agreed with.  But, I’m chomping at the bit to do some hooping.  Big time.

As for the daydreaming part, do you ever listen to a really good playlist and when a great song comes on, do you imagine yourself hooping to it?  Do you imagine yourself making up a routine and performing it?  I do.  It actually helps keep me motivated to see myself performing in my mind’ eye. 

It’s silly, I know, but it’s just something I though I’d throw out there.

Back to normal. Whatever normal may be.

My grandmother passed way last week on Thursday, the 15th.  She went quietly and surrounded by family.

I’m trying to get back into the “normal” swing of things.  Life has thrown some additional curve balls my family’s way, and we are trying to cope. 

Ryane was wonderful last week at class.  She understood the situation, and just basically let me just free hoop for most of the evening.  We did go over some things.  Truthfully, just some time to zone out with my hoop and dance was what I needed before things fell apart the following day.

I may go home tonight and just play with a hoop.  The weather is supposed to get cruddy (again), so I may have play inside.  I do plan on going to class tomorrow.

Thank you for hanging in there with me during this rough time.

Back to the Beginning

Really?  It’s 2015, already?  Where did the time go?

Because Studio Spin’s regular Intermediate Hoop class we cancelled two weeks in a row due to a holiday (eh, it’s just the way the calendar works, right?), I went to the beginner hoop class on Monday, the 29th.  It was fun!

There are two students in the Beginner class, Kim and Casey.  They are two enthusiastic and eager learners, and it’s it was so good to see this in two women starting their hooping journeys.

We worked on sequences again, and both ladies had to show me what they were working on.  It was nice to see what they were working on, and Ryane and I got to show them a little of what we do in Intermediate, too.

I saw in Kim and Casey a lot of what I saw in myself when I started hooping.  You want to learn ALL THE MOVES.  You can’t progress fast enough for your own liking.  It’s a thirst to learn and progress.  My advice to both beginners and all hoopers:  ENJOY THE JOURNEY.  You only get to start this once, and it’s a fantastic ride.  And it only gets better.

Hoopy Birthday, Hoopinions!

One year ago, I started this blog to chronicle my hooping journey.  What a year it has been!  I’ve gone to many classes, made a lot of friends, and learned a lot.  I even performed!  To celebrate, here are a few of my favorite posts from each month of the year. 

January:  Three Fashion Lessons Learned From Hooping
February:  Trying Out My LED Hoop
March:  Hooping with Mental Illness
April:  Spinspiration Hoop Troupe Debut
May:  May Hoop Jam
June:  Lights and Mirrors
July:  Hoop-a-gami
August:  Fairies
September:  The Wellness Expo
October:  How to Get Cable Ribbon Inside Your Polypro Hoop
November:  A Little Catching Up
December:  Video Extravaganza!

I am actually a bit overwhelmed right now as I write this.  There have been videos, photos, and lots of writing about my hooping adventure this year.  I can’t even begin to thank all my teachers, friends, and supporters enough.  Thank you for joining me on my hooping journey and for continuing to come along for the ride. 

Hoopy Holidays!

Fit and Flow

Last night’s class with Ryane kicked my butt.  I had pole dance class the night before, and I worked hard during that, too.  I am sore! 

Still, being fit with our hooping is important, and Ryane had us hoop with heavier hoops and with hand weights.  Those little three pound weights seem to weight more than three pounds the longer you hold them out from your body.  The burn will pay off with good upper body strength.

For the last fifteen minutes of class, Ryane had us just practice and flow with different moves.  The music playing had a great beat and it was easy to get into a rhythm of movement.  I just went with it and played.  What a great feeling!  It was just nice to twirl and dance with my hoop.  I even experimented with connected different things together and came up with some neat little twists and moves that I need to remember some how.  I think I’m starting to develop my own hoop style. Sweet!

Moves I learned yesterday?  I think I finally have the reverse weave down.  Now to learn the reverse chase weave.  And, Ryane showed me how to spin with a hoop in each hand in reverse time, meaning one hoop goes forward, and the other goes backward.  Now, THAT’S cool to look at.

So, that’s my hoopy adventures for this week’s class.  Don’t forget about my poll! 

Photo Shoot for Lancaster Moves

http://studiospin.netRachel from Studio Spin kindly asked me to be a part of a photo shoot done by Melissa Engle Photography as a part of Melissa’s photo project entitled “Lancaster Moves.”  I happily said I would love to do this.  As a photographer myself, I’m not often in front of the lens.  Ryane was there as well with her hoops, and Rachel came with her portable pole.

It was fun!  Melissa took photos of us on the rooftop of Tellus360, an awesome Irish pub in Lancaster, PA.  You can see Rachel up there on her pole, and Melissa taking a photo of me, too. (Hope it’s ok I am using the photo, Rachel!)  More photos from the shoot will be forth coming, as well, of course.

If you are in the Lancaster area and are interested in Melissa’s project, it will be unveiled at Move It Studio in Lancaster on December 5, 2014. 

I’m anxious to see the photos from the project overall.  I plan on going to the opening and seeing all the awesome “movers” in Lancaster.