Going Circus Style

Ryane has us working on different styles of circus style hooping, such as swing, float (I think that’s what it’s called), and balance.  We mostly worked on swing and balance.  It was cool looking into the world of circus style hooping.  I think balance was the most fun.

Just balancing the hoop in the palm or your hand is hard enough, but it’s really neat when you can sustain that for a few seconds.  I also enjoyed balancing the hoop on the back of my hands.  I actually did the best with that technique, I believe.

It was a good class!

Otherwise, I’ve got a super-secret project that I want to unleash today.  It’s called Jennabee Hoops, and it’s purely for my budding amateur performing career.  I stress the amateur part.  I’m still am going to keep my blog here, but rather have a dedicated site as a performer.  Maybe I’ll merge them one day, I don’t know. 

Go on, take a look!